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Trusted by Franchisees, Enjoyed by Canadians

TacoTime is one of Western Canada’s most established and trusted quick service restaurant brands. With over 125 locations, TacoTime is a tried and tested brand that both new and experienced franchisees love. You can find our franchise locations in mall food courts, Drive-Thrus, and freestanding restaurants across the country

What Sets us apart?

Why Franchisees Love

TacoTime is celebrating 45 years as Western Canada’s leading quick service Mexican restaurant. That is 45 years of brand recognition and quality food at affordable prices for Canadians. TacoTime is an established franchise model that has industry leading marketing and infrastructure that includes loyalty programs, drive-through, gift cards, innovative promotionals programs, delivery, and so much more.

Hands on Training

Every new Franchisee undergoes full training in all aspects of the business including food preparation and handling methods, staffing, purchasing, and year-round business development.

Product Development and Menu Innovation

From concept to promotion, a product innovation group at TacoTime develops new recipes, testing at select locations and launches as a new Limited Time Offer item to each store to encourage trial of TacoTime products and amplify store sales.

Proven Track Record for Growth

Looking to start your career with a successful restaurant franchise brand? TacoTime has a proven track record with over 45 years in the market and a brand that Canadians know and trust.

National and Local Store Marketing Support

When you join the TacoTime, you’re a part of franchise with a plethora of advertising, business coaching and marketing support. Our team is built of highlight experience marketing experts prioritizing excellent brand visibility in each market.

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Franchise Fees & Investments

Our development team will guide you through the financing process to ensure you’re set up for success.

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Mexican related industry

Industry Statistics

Google trends show that interest in Mexican food is at an all-time high.


Overall, industry revenue grew an annualized 4.7% to $89.8 billion over the past five years, including growth of 1.9% in 2023 alone

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The Mexican food market share is expected to increase by USD 113.85 billion from 2021 to 2026, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 6.65%.

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The number of businesses in the Mexican Restaurants industry in the US has grown 1.5% per year on average over the five years between 2017 – 2022

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Why Invest in a Mexican Franchise

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Consumer Preferences

The demand for healthier, locally sourced, and affordable Mexican food has increased, aligning with TacoTime’s commitment to fresh, real ingredients

Diverse Menu Appeal

Mexican cuisine’s diverse and flavorful offerings attract a broad customer base, contributing to the success of Mexican franchises

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Cultural Trend

The popularity of Mexican food is not just a trend; it has become a staple in the American and Canadian culinary landscape, ensuring long-term appeal

Fresh and Healthy Focus

Consumers increasingly seek fresh, healthy, and quality options, making TacoTime’s commitment to fresh ingredients align with current market trends

Loyal Customer Base

Establishing a loyal customer base, as seen in the TacoTime example, contributes to the success and sustainability of Mexican franchises


Our Community

The TacoTime franchise concept includes not only the provision of high quality services and products, but also an annual event in appreciation of the partnership, which includes information on the successes achieved, future plans and TacoTime brand development strategy

TacoTime Franchisee Testimonials

“The TacoTime team is always there to support us and our dream of becoming successful business operators.”

Vishal Patel

Franchisee of 3 locations for over 5 years!

“TacoTime isn’t just a place for exceptional Mexican cuisine; it’s a cherished companion in my journey, adding a flavorful dimension to the tapestry of my life in this wonderful community.”

Erin Schlepp

Franchisee of 2 TacoTime locations that have been in their family for over 40 years!

“TacoTime has allowed us to be our own boss, entrepreneur, property owner, and engage with other franchisees and business professionals along the way. Many good things in life have come from being a TacoTime Franchisee!”

Dave, Bill and Doug Henderson

Franchisees of 3 locations for over 40 years!

“The innovative digital marketing strategies employed by TacoTime played a pivotal role in expanding our customer base, especially among the younger generation. Their creative online campaigns and engaging social media presence have successfully connected us with a broader audience, driving increased brand visibility and attracting a whole new wave of customers.”

Abdulla Masum

Franchisee of 2 locations for over 5 years!

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Over 125 Locations in Canada… and Growing!

It’s even easier for Canadians to enjoy great Mexican taste with quick-service convenience. It’s time for TacoTime!

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Questions about franchising?

The standard franchise agreement matches the restaurant lease agreement. The majority of restaurant lease agreements are normally of a 10-year duration, this is typically co-terminus with the expiry of the lease.
Yes. We have a team of designers and construction professionals to aid in the construction process.
TacoTime brands are supported by the majority of national banks in Canada. TacoTime does not provide financial assistance although can recommend certain financial institutions to partner with. TacoTime will be guiding you throughout this process so that you are able to achieve the desired outcome.
TacoTime has it’s own designated marketing team When you join TacoTime, you’re a part of a franchise with a plethora of advertising, business coaching and marketing support. Our team is built of highly experienced marketing experts prioritizing excellent brand visibility in each market.built of highly experienced marketing experts prioritizing excellent brand visibility in both local and national markets.
Yes it is possible to select your own location, although TacoTime will need to approve of the site. It’s essential to work closely with TacoTime’s real estate team who are experienced in commercial real estate and restaurant properties. We can help you navigate the complexities of finding the right location and negotiate favorable lease or purchase terms. Additionally, conducting a comprehensive feasibility study and business plan can provide further insight into the viability of your restaurant in a specific location.
TacoTime ensures that franchisees can learn the basic skills necessary to successfully operate their restaurant. The duration of the training varies depending on the brand. MTY University is also an integral part of the learning process, it consists of one week of online learning.